Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Green Snail Spring tea

Also known as “biluochun” or “piluochun”, it is semicurled leaves with sweet slightly floral and grassy flavors, sometimes with toasty notes.

Green Snail Spring tea
It has been prized as one of China’s best greens and therefore offered to emperors in tribute. The Kang Xi Emperor’s grandson, Emperor Qian Long (1735-1795), was a great tea lover, and he reportedly enjoyed green snail spring tea very much during his visit to the area.

In the cup, it’s smooth gentle green that expresses its delicate vegetal character without being bracing or over powering.

The tea can be found in a number of provinces but Jiangsu’s remains the best, the most fruity, supremely floral and most visually delightful.
Green Snail Spring tea
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