Sunday, June 01, 2014

Mulching process

Mulching is a process of covering the soil with soft and sappy plant leaves to conserve the soil moisture. Other organic material that has not fully broken such wood chips, straw also can be used. Straw and hay are excellent protection against the drying winter winds.

Shredded newspaper is quite effective. Most newspaper ink no longer contains lead; even color sections are printed with clay-based inks.

It is an important part of tea plantation. Young tea areas are mulched with green material. Thicker the mulch better will be the result.

Sometime it is top dressed with a sprinkle of urea so that mulch may rot easily.

This improves the soil fertility and reduces the possibility or irrigation also. Mulch holds water in the soil, preventing evaporation and keeping the plants well watered.

It suppressed weed, moderates soil temperature, improves soil structure, encourages earthworm activity, stimulates beneficial microbial activity, act as a substrate for fungi growth, and beautify and improves environment.

Further, it protects soil from direct sun and wind effect.
Mulching process

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