Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Drainage system in tea plantation

A good surface drainage system is important, particularly on low lying heavy soils to allow timely access to fields for harvesting and other operations following periods of heavy rainfall or flooding.

Tea plant is susceptible to stagnant water. The plant cannot survive in an area where water logging is a perpetual feature.  It should be avoided with an adequate drainage system can be constructed.

There is contour drainage system on tillah land according to soil condition. In flat land, straight rectangular drainage system is maintained.

On sites where major drainage work and leveling is required, preparation should begin up to one year before the anticipated transplanting time.

Although in certain tea area, rainfall may exceed potential evapotranspiration for limited period, effective moisture conservation measures are needed to tide over the frequently occurring drought stress periods within the growing season.

Irrigation is therefore best perceived as a system by which a quantum of water is added during the stress period to bring back the soil moisture level to its optimum.
Drainage system in tea plantation

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