Thursday, October 23, 2014

Effect of Green Tea Bioactive Compounds on Bone Health

Epidemiologic evidence showed an association between green tea consumption and the prevention of age-related bone loss in elderly women and men. Green tea support healthy bones and teeth both by protecting osteoblast from destruction by free radicals. Green tea also found to inhibiting the formation of osteoclasts.

The green tea protects bone health by proposed mechanisms:
*Green tea and its bioactive components increased osteoclastic apoptosis through a caspase-3 activation mechanism.

*Bioactive ingredients in green tea enhance bone formation, by enhancing osteoblastogenesis and suppress bone resorption in various bone loss models.

Green tea polyphenols increase serum osteocalcin, bone mineral density (BMD), trabecular volume, strength of femur, trabecular thickness and bone formation.

*Green tea and its active components are proven to mitigate the deterioration of bone microstructure as well as the loss of bone mass and strength due to aging, aging plus sex hormones deficiency or chronic inflammation.

*Mitigating bone loss through antioxidative reaction.

*Mitigating bone loss through anti-inflammatory action. Green tea and theaflavin enriched tea plant extract reduces expression of inflammatory mediators and cytokines in animal models.

*Through its high content of fluoride and vitamin K1.
Effect of Green Tea Bioactive Compounds on Bone Health

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