Monday, March 29, 2021

Earl Grey tea: One of the most classic of the scented tea

Earl Grey tea is composed of black tea and the essence of bergamot oil, an extract from the rind of bergamot orange (Citrus aurantium ssp bergamia), which has a pleasant, refreshing scent.

The exact blended of tea used will affect the flavor of the finished tea, as the bergamot. Many tea blenders used natural bergamot and others use artificial.

Bergamot oil is an oil derived from the skin of Sicilian citrus fruit and chemically dominated by monoterpene hydrocarbons (i.e., limonene), but with significant percentages of oxygenated monoterpenes (i.e., linalyl acetate) and of non-volatile oxygen heterocyclic compounds (i.e., bergapten).

Modern Earl Grey teas can be made with other tea types too, like rooibos, green tea, and even Pu’erh tea. Earl Grey can be enjoyed on its own or with a splash of milk.

The tea is named after Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl of Grey and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1830 to 1834. It was first prepared by a Chinese mandarin tea master as a present to the Prime Minister.
Earl Grey tea: One of the most classic of the scented tea

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