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Characteristics of tea leaves

All varieties of tea are made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Dried and cured leaves widely used for a beverage, which has a stimulant effect due to caffeine. Tea plant is an evergreen shrub with large number of branches.

The leaves are light green, short stalked, coriaceous, grow in alternate pattern, lanceolate, serrate edges, glabrous or pubescent beneath. Leaf is hard and thick.

The size varying in length from 5 - 30 cm and about 4 cm width. Mature leaves are bright green colored, smooth and leathery in texture while young leaves are pubescent. Young leaves appear silver because they bear downy hairs on the surface.

Scientists used a leaf venation pattern to help identify the different species of Camellia plants, which means that the vein patterns in the leaves of Camellia species where of supreme importance in order to establish the variation of the species. Venation pattern is an arrangement of veins in a leaf.

Fresh leaves contain about 4% caffeine, as well as related compounds including theobromine.
Characteristics of tea leaves

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